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Fancy a day or night out in Lochaber? Use the "What's On" feature to help you plan ahead. You can choose to list events by day, week or even year and use the search feature to check specific dates.


Want to add your event?

If you, your organisation, group or venue would like to add events to the "What's On" section of the site all you have to do is register or log-in with your Facebook account. Once your registered drop an Admin a PM and will we give you the permissions to allow you to add your event or events.

Want To Be An Admin?

This site and it's forum needs admin's to keep posts monitored for spam, abusive or insulting posts and general content of items submitted as news. If you can spare a few minutes of time on a daily basis and are civicly minded and (helpfully) a little technically minded your input would be greatly appreciated. Submit your interest to be an admin via the forum and upon request we can add to you to the list and create the correct admin rights. As this site is owned and run on free to use basis and doesn't generate any revenue to employ full time admins, the more volunteers we have, the merrier.

Are You Part Of An Organisation or Group...

and would like to see your message get out, gain members and engage in conversation which may help gather ideas and expand your concerns in the long run? Then we can help. We can provide you with a free to use forum section (which you'll need to administrate), access to post news articles relating to projects and relevent information that benefit the area and add events that people might be interested in attending (resident or visitor alike).

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